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コンセプト Good shoes are a product of real dedication.こだわることで“いい靴”ができる。

Concept コンセプト




Kaneko Company is a comprehensive manufacturer of shoe components producing heels, shoe lasts, inner soles, and moulds for injection molding.
We begin with translating the customer’s image into actual form.
Our planning capacity entails exercise of the most advanced skills, incorporating thorough workmanship in line with the most subtle nuances generated by ever diversifying needs along with thorough control over numerical values.
We are thus able to offer products of the highest quality in line with our production system, specially created to include every stage from the receipt of orders to production, inspections, and shipments, and all based on strict adherence to quality manuals.
We at Kaneko aim to create shoes that accord with our customers’ personal tastes.
We wish to be a company capable of coming up with new cultural and lifestyle ideas for people and for shoes.